Letting New Year Resolutions be the little things…

In discussing “little changes that make the big difference” with a Coach friend of mine (I will introduce you to her later this week), I realized that New Year Resolutions can simply be the decision to change just one tiny thing in our life.

If you thought of one such small transformation in your life, what would it be?
Or what has it been if you have tried this before…

When I created my Vision Board at the beginning of the year, I thought of all the actions I wanted to take, all the goals I wanted to achieve… but I also had a small section called Zen. I think, without having given it much thought, that was MY little transformation. Learning to be still, to breathe and be present in my moment. I am still working on that!

Another small transformation that occurred during the year, that may have contributed to my increased zen-ness, was changing the word STRUGGLE to CHALLENGE. As silly as the change may sound, it was huge for me and I realized the extent to which it changed my whole outlook on life when I spoke about it at TheNewHappyMe Thinkshop.

So a New Year Resolution doesn’t have to be a huge project! It can be just a little change you want to implement in your life.

Do you have a small change you want to try? Or perhaps you have one to share with us! Go ahead and write about it in comments below!


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