Letting Excitement show me the way…

When you don’t know what path to follow yet, my bet is the best direction to take will be the one you get excited about. What do you think? Does that make sense?

Whether you are seeking a business opportunity, choosing between employment offers, looking for that perfect relationship, checking out houses to find the one you’ll call home, setting goals to achieve in your lifetime… Which option gets you excited?

What are you passionate about?

Which option do you rave about? What do you get all thrilled about?

What or who puts a smile to your face?

Which one is the closest to the one in your dreams?
Is it perhaps exactly what you have dreamt of…?

These questions will allow you to decide what direction to take. How easy it becomes when you just listen to the excitement in your tone, your heart, mind and soul!

Journal Writing is perfect for this exercise. When you have a decision to make but are unclear about the direction you need to follow, write in your Journal, describe what you see and feel. Identify which direction brings you most excitement and visualize how that path will lead you to Happiness.



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