Let your words think out loud

Today my boss asked all staff members to think about what they like and what they don’t like about their job. Talk about pressure! It is in preparation for a staff meeting to be held in two days. Why is it that I generally don’t have issues presenting itemized charts for complex projects, yet now, thinking about this very personal topic, I am a little at a loss for words… okay I admit, I am totally lost!!

Humour aside, I know how I feel, what I like and dislike about my job, but putting the thoughts to paper is a different ball game. Presenting my thoughts is a whole other story.  The exercise is meant to reach a team objective, therefore it is a very important process requiring each member to participate fully and honestly. It invites each team member to think carefully and to try to express and organize their thoughts clearly.

The first thing I did when I got a few minutes to myself at home, was to open my Journal. My notebook has become my friend, to listen to my thoughts and help me organize them; exactly what I need for this project!  An intro, two columns and a solo brainstorming session. I’m thinking out loud using the words flowing on my page. Two lists, some scratches and my columns have filled enough to start categorizing into five major points for each side. My Journal allows me to have a discussion, to decide what stays and what goes, how it is handled and what it entails.  The exercise doesn’t look as intimidating anymore.

Sometimes, when life calls for a serious look at a puzzle of thoughts, your Journal becomes a handy tool to let the words think out loud and show us what the general picture is. Writing, as an organized expression of thought, gives the much needed structure to complete the task. I could not be happier to have this tool up my sleeve!


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