Learn to be happy – Rule #1

“Being happy is something you have to learn.” – Harrison Ford

When you realize that being happy comes from learning what you can and/or should be happy about, the idea that you may already have everything you need to be happy, without knowing it, will jump right at you! Guaranteed! Isn’t that a great start to the learning process??

Wealth and riches… big homes and fancy cars… a trophy spouse… Are these promoted icons of happiness really what you are looking for?

What about good health, compassionate friends, supportive family… keep going… I know you can find more items to create your own list.

Rule #1 of Learning to Happy: Appreciate the little things that give you the cozy heartwarming feeling of contentment at the end of your day. 

To Do: Every day, before you close your eyes to sleep, say “I am so happy for ***, ***, ***. Name at least 3 things that made you happy today.  (I am not telling you to write it so that I won’t be asking you for too much! If you took the time to read this article, then this must be important enough for you. Commit to this action every night and you will see results within you.)

This Rule and To Do item will be included in my upcoming Great Guide to Happiness (actual title no yet determined).  Come back to visit and read other rules that will also become part of the guide.  www.thenewhappyme.com.


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  1. christine says:

    i think that is the truest thing i have read !!!!!

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