Learn and Grow: Mistakes, Lessons and the path to Wealth

You may have noticed that I am a big advocate of the expression Learn and Grow.

I truly believe that every experience in my life leads me to an opportunity to Learn and Grow, no matter what it is, how big or small, how easy or painful.  This is particularly true in my search for wealth. This could be in a career path along with required schooling and training, for business start-up or growth, or simply in my financial decisions regarding my work, my children, my investments, my savings and my expenses.

I am convinced that much of my success to date comes from taking a step back and looking for the lesson in each experience.  I may not be a millionaire, but I have been able to Learn throughout my adventure and Grow my wealth into a considerable portfolio (given the short time since my draining divorce!).  I have also learned to appreciate what I have and always plan for more.

I highly encourage you to practice finding the lesson in each of your life experiences too. You will notice that the benefits are tremendously energizing for your path. You can easily use these concepts in both personal and wealth related aspects of your life too.

Read each point carefully. Try to see how they fit in the context of a particular mistake that had you stumped recently. You’ll be surprised at the uplifting energy to realize the benefit of the lesson learned.

  • Sometimes I do the right thing, there is no mistake; my lesson is to repeat!
  • Mistakes can and will happen. Knowing that there is a lesson to be learned makes it easier to accept the fall and get back up.
  • I know that if I make the effort to learn the lesson, I will never fall in the same ditch again. This is very encouraging.
  • When I take a step back, I have to look for the lesson; what should I do again, what should I avoid and how can I adapt my next steps.
  • Learning from my mistakes is a positive outcome. It helps me get back to my plan of action, with slight modifications as per the lesson learned.
  • My plan of action will be adapted and improved thanks to trial and error.
  • Sometimes mistakes allow me to see that my plan is not right for me. They give me a chance to notice another door of opportunity, one that may better suit my needs.
  • Without trying, I could never even implement a plan of action!
  • I can take calculated risks with more ease as I know that ultimately, the mistakes are not so bad when the plan is well thought out and when falls are followed by a positive outcome.
  • The lessons I have learned over the years will become valuable to those around me, and especially for my children. Although they may decide to not listen to my story of a lesson at first, they will remember the message later and pull strength from it.

Here’s one of my stories for you: a few people in my life have told me that I have been trying too many things, I have no clue where I am going, I don’t stick to one thing… Well my answer is I Learn and I Grow. Yes I have tried many many projects, I’ve jumped from engineering to psychology while in college,  I enjoy creative writing and I love numbers, I pay attention to health and nutrition, just to name a few of my interests. Although it may look like indicisiveness at first, I would not have my website today had I not opened all these doors;  I now have the ability to learn anything technical, the capability of creatively writing about self-improvement as well as the guts to tackle my own accounting… I learned and I grew… and I look forward to do much more of it!

These are just some of the reasons why you should take the attitude of Learn and Grow.  What did you discover about your latest big mistake when you read the points above? Write in your Journal to discover some more and find your way to a better plan of action.

Making mistakes and getting back up with the lessons learned is an amazing way to follow the right path for you, in wealth and in life. Use these ideas to make sure you make the absolute best of your journey!





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