Journal Writing: How to start.

Writing may not be as easy as cutting and pasting images on a Vision Board, but you have to give it a chance to see how powerful a tool it can be when you are traveling the path of self-discovery.  Journal Writing is a definite MUST for TheNewHappyMe path!

How to start:
If you don’t already have a journal, get yourself a notebook to write in. It doesn’t have to be fancy! I always get myself a notebook that is thick or rigid enough to write on in bed, or semi lying on my sofa. It is all a matter of comfort. If you prefer to write while outdoors, sitting under a tree or on a rocking chair on your porch, you want to be able to write without having to use a flat surface like a table.   Like I said, it’s all a matter of comfort.

What I also recommend is a nice pen. Go out and get yourself a pen you will write comfortably with, one that flows smoothly, grips well and is just the right thickness for your writing style. I believe that the level of ease and comfort of writing makes a huge difference in your excitement and eagerness to write again. It might be just a pen, but it is worth putting in an extra dollar or two to enjoy the experience.  While you’re out there choosing, you might also pay special attention to the colour. I wouldn’t choose red or a very light colour, but go for something that really appeals to you and invites you to write again and again.

These are just a few hints to get you excited about starting. 

A Journal is very similar to a Diary, but it has a different purpose. You don’t have to write in a Journal every single day, but you may go back to it more often as required. A Journal is also meant to describe more than your day. It is a workbook to help you organize your thoughts through various exercises.

Learning how to best use your Journal to use it to its full potential is extremely important and surprisingly quite simple. These are the tools and techniques I will cover in the next weeks.  The idea is to make it enjoyable and transform the novelty into a habit. 

I believe it is SO important on TheNewHappyMe journey, that I created a category of posts called Journal Writing.
I have been writing in a Journal for over 20 years… I never give it up!
Let’s make your Journal your best friend for the next 21 days!

TO DO: Get yourself a notebook and a nice pen. We will start writing tomorrow!


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