Is my Best Friend ME?

When I was 25, newly married, not sure where I was headed in life, working a job I hated, not knowing what to do with my college degree, I started having anxiety attacks. My body was telling me something was wrong.

On the surface, I handled things well. Inside, I was a mess.

Some people thought I was being fussy. After all, I had my health (overall), I was pretty, slim and young, I found a nice husband, I had a job while others were losing theirs, I had enough to eat, I had a roof over my head and I could even afford some luxuries like my Jeep YJ… Yet I knew I wasn’t happy.  I cried without knowing why. I cried myself sick.

I had friends supporting me, but I was missing my Best Friend: ME.

It was while writing in my Journal, following the suggestions offered by The Artist’s Way, that I discovered the one thing that would save me.

I wrote: “I don’t love me” … and I cried hysterically, curled up for hours. For years, I had lived not liking or loving who I was. How could I be Happy? How could I appreciate Friendships when I wasn’t my own Friend?

Do you think your Journey to Happiness has stalled because you need to find your Best Friend too?

I highly suggest Journal writing as most of my readers already know. If you want to read the summary of the book The Artist’s Way, it is available in the self help section of the aStore (Amazon) of TheNewHappyMe. It may speak to you as it did to me almost 15 years ago.


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