Is it Synchronicity or am I living a Dream?

A friend from coaching class posted a note on FB about synchronicity yesterday. From post to comment, to reading his blog article, it gave me a great idea… one that will solve a problem I wanted to deal with promptly. So I took action on what came to me through this turn of events… My action in turn generated feedback from friends… My plan materialized within a few hours.

Synchronicity? Sure. Why not? I do think some kind of energy is definitely guiding elements to fall into place, getting me closer to my Life Dream…

And then I think… am I dreaming?

Sometimes when things fall into place so well, we kind’a wonder. Is this real?

Why not?

When you do what you want, not what you should, amazing things just start to happen. Synchronicity is a force that comes to play.  The energy that you create opens the doors to this surprisingly powerful reality that will never cease to amaze you.

What would you WANT to change in YOUR life to bring Synchronicity to help you move things forward? How could this align with your next set of New Year’s Resolutions? 2012 is around the corner…


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  1. Betty says:

    Hey Hi Carmen-Marie!
    I just downloaded the Guide for a new happy me I will do the exercise while on vacation!!

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