Integrity helps me walk my head held high

When I know what my values and my principles are, when I know what my path is and I know I’m on it, I walk with pride, my head held high.

Just writing that made me feel strength coming from within me. Read it again. Do you feel it too?

Whether you get good support for your projects or not, whether the energy surrounding you is positive or not, knowing that you have that inner strength, your own Integrity, makes the whole difference.

Your pride and the vibes you transmit through this strength also make a difference. People feel your conviction and your devotion to your values. The dynamics change.

See how all this creates the support you need to move forward on your path, to make your Life Dream your reality!

Next time I walk in anywhere, I’ll make sure to have that mindset. Pretend I’m a rooster… LOL Knowing I walk the walk with Integrity, I will walk my head held high!  I dare you to try it!


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One Response to “Integrity helps me walk my head held high”

  1. Sa says:

    Thank you for this post. It is so true.
    I’ve always believed that we must be true to ourselves. Having a clear conscience helps keep your head high. It also helps you sleep well at night.

    I love the cockerel image. I used to raise chickens and one of the cockerels was quite a character. He loved to play ‘football’ and would kick out with his spurs. It was great fun playing ball with him, and I really think he enjoyed it. Mind you, I had to keep well clear of them myself, otherwise he would draw blood!
    Looking after animals teaches us many things about life, death, and caring for needs other than our own ones. It also teaches us that animals have different character traits, just like us humans. And, yes, they really do respond to affection and care – just like we do.

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