In search for a happier life, I got hurt…

If this is true for you, you are not alone my friend. I am here with you.

I’ve been hurt and burnt several times over and now, I am a different person.

Indeed the experiences changed me over time. I don’t know if they changed me for the better or not, but I can tell you I learned from the lessons of life. I learned to protect myself, to protect my values and principles, to protect my priorities, my loved ones. My attitude and reactions are more guarded than before. I face situations in a very defensive way as well. Sometimes I block everything including opportunities because of this new shield I have put up. All this causes constant struggle. Hmmm.

Do you have the same problem? Have you put up a wall? I have.

The way I see it, this is a normal defensive reaction to negative past experiences.  In search for a happier life, I got hurt and worse, so now, how am I supposed to continue on my search for that happier me again? Maybe my definition of HappyMe needs to be different than in the past? Maybe I should just trust myself because I now surround myself with people who will support me in my endeavors.

I believe there is a rational way of doing this. I have to ask my heart to trust me on this. I learned from the lessons and my brain can segregate between good and bad. And yes, of course I can make a mistake again, but that is just part of the game. Hopefully, the mistakes will be less consequential as I implement what I have learned from past experience.

So can I move beyond the wall and give myself a good chance at finding that happy life again?

I hope your answer will be YES, I will at least work at it. I am doing it one step at a time. You can too.





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2 Responses to “In search for a happier life, I got hurt…”

  1. Sa Nad says:

    Hey there
    Brick walls can be climbed.
    It takes skill, and often the foot and handholds are extremely narrow.
    But walls CAN be climbed.
    Think of the joy when your eyeballs can peek over the top !!
    :-) :-)

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Sometimes we create our own brick wall to protect ourselves… maybe it’s time to even break it down and take the risk that mistakes may happen, we may get hurt, but it’s worth it while on the Journey to learn and grow in our quest for Happiness!! Thanks Sa!!

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