In looking for Happiness; the Excitement Phase in the Do or Do Not process

I woke up with a revelation that project cycles tend to run over three month periods, either from idea to the fruition of the first step, or from idea to completely giving up.

Okay, so the hypothesis itself is totally bogus and I believe it is completely irrelevant anyway. I’ll let psychologists analyze that one…

The idea woke me up though and I needed to do something with it!

So here goes: What is important to me is that sometimes we find a possible path for happiness in our life and it takes time to make it happen. This is the start of the ”Do or Do Not” process.

Projects are varied. They are as varied as our own personalities. Some people will create a project and make it succeed within hours, some teams will work on a project and drop it after years of effort… So your personal “Do or Do Not” process can range anywhere in between…

My actual revelation was about this “Do or Do Not” process, the period between the idea popping in your head and the moment it becomes a reality for you, either by getting the first step done – DO, or by dropping it – DO Not.

  • DO: When your idea sees fruition through the success of a first step, you are encouraged to continue in your efforts to make your whole project come true. From idea to first success, it takes a certain period of time and degree of work.  Both investments are rewarded.
  • DO Not: When you decide to drop the idea for whatever reason, it is removed from your reality and will not have the chance to materialize (unless you revive the idea at a later date). From idea to withdrawal, as you can imagine, there is a process, short or long. This can come from deciding to quit the idea before investing any effort into it or giving it a try and deciding it won’t work.

In either case, that period between idea and reality is the crucial moment of your project. The “Do or Do Not” process has an excitement phase. The level of excitement is at its peak when the idea pops in your head with a downwards slope as time goes by. What you do in this phase is what determines the fate of your idea! It dictates whether you will lean towards the Do or the Do Not.

I’ll be working on figuring out all the elements that will help you in your next Do or Do Not process. By minimizing the downward trend over time or boosting the excitement level of this phase, we will be able to increase your chances of success!… Stay tuned!



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