In looking for Happiness, sprint or stroll… go at your pace.

In looking for Happiness, every person is at a different phase in their life and will work on self-discovery in a very unique way. The basics for reaching success may be generic but there is no magic formula, each individual’s reality is very personal.

In reaching a level of Excitement through an Idea to find Happiness, I may decide to sprint to my goal or take it easy while smelling the roses, strolling along the path. I can even decide, like I’ve done today, to change my pace a little and slow down because that is what my body is needing at the moment.

One concept holds true for everyone though. On your path, sprinted or strolled through, you will have a start and a finish. That will not change. For each Idea, your start is when the Idea is born and the finish line is goal completion (whether the right choice is to complete it or to drop it for valid reasons).  Given this fact, know that on your search for Happiness you will have to START somewhere!

So start somewhere today. Take out your Journal and write down all the ideas forgotten over time, all the Ideas creating a whirlwind in your head, the ones that may have been nagging at you, the ones you desire for your life but are afraid to take out of the box. If you have no Ideas yet, see if there is an area in your life that needs improvement and what Idea can help you find Happiness there. Then pick ONE Idea to work with. Just ONE.

Read it again and again. Visualize yourself starting on the path. Visualize yourself reaching your goal. What will it be, a sprint or a stroll, a walk or a jog… or maybe you’ll just go with the flow… What can you do today to start getting excited about your Idea to find Happiness? Write, write, write!



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