In looking for Happiness; “Do or do not… there is no Try”

My philosophy has always been that you must TRY to know whether something will work or not.

If you do not try, you stay in your status quo, a position that may sometimes be very unpleasant and undesirable.

In looking for Happiness, this type of experimenting allows you to see what can potentially bring you the life, or at least closer to the life, you are searching for. Does this make sense so far?

And here I found a very interesting quote that changed my view on this, at least in the semantics. In Star Wars, Yoda states: “Do or do not… There is no try.”

The statement made me think. There was a very wise writer (or team) behind this character!!

When I analyzed my philosophy versus this quote, I thought - am I saying it the wrong way? What is “to try”? Does the expression allow you to “kind’a do” with an option to quit before knowing whether it works or not?  Does it remove a certain sense of responsibility when you need to work on something? I want to clarify this. 

I believe trying something is doing it with the hopes that it will work. Of course, this comes with a certain amount of prior research to increase chances of success. When I read Yoda’s quote, I thought, woah… I need to make sure my readers understand me. No gray zone here.

In your search for Happiness or success, you must be a doer. You have to choose one path, go with it – do it, and stick with it until you can tell whether the path is the right one or not.

Sometimes, you can see halfway in that this is not working, sometimes it takes longer… and sometimes the path takes you to a place better than you imagined.

The idea is that you have no option to pull out because you are just trying. You either do or you do not. You must commit to your happiness and so you must commit to each path you decide to try/do.

Know that each try/do, whether good or not, will get you that much closer to your objective.  Do not will not!

So how will you try next? Do or do not?


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2 Responses to “In looking for Happiness; “Do or do not… there is no Try””

  1. DO.

    When it come to Happiness, I decide to be Happy! At any given point of the day, you are making choices. You can be Happy or you can Not be Happy. You are what you choose to be.

    Thanks for another great post, Carmen!

    Be Well.

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