In dealing with issues, the best remedy is a smile!

I have noticed that when things get tough, I tend to take a step back and isolate myself. This allows me to think about my situation without outside influence. It also gives me a chance to rest my body and mind, in order to get back to a positive state where I can find solutions moving forward.

In my moments of isolation, I have found the Internet very helpful in getting the respite I need without necessarily becoming a hermit.

For example, blogging is a great way of expressing my feelings and thoughts to a wide audience without having anyone beside me. Facebook as well (twitter can be similar for users of the app) has become a communication tool that allows me to interact with my friends while in the comfort of my home. The simple freedom to not have to physically talk, is already a big deal to me when I need that time alone.

It never takes long for me to get back up on my feet. A bit of rest is usually all I need to get my mind back on track. The first sign of this, and a remedy in itself as well, is humour. When I start using humour in my texts, and I smile at it, it means I’m on the right path.  It not only puts a smile to my face, it also gets a similar reaction on the other end. It is contagious and fuels the positive vibes for more smiles to come.

I realize not all readers are like me. You may not need time alone to get passed tough times, but if you do, see what tools you have available to you to find your smile back. In dealing with issues, your smile is the best remedy you will ever find.


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