I’m sad, I’m grieving, I need to turn the page

On our Path to Happiness, we will no doubt encounter challenges. These come in all shapes and form. They will bring up emotions before you can take action to face them, overcome them and finally turn the page.

Loss is such a challenge. It us usually followed by sadness, although in many cases there can also be anger involved. Loss of a loved-one, of an opportunity, of a possession, of a relationship, of a job… Loss will require you to go through the emotions¬†to deal with them in grievance before you can turn the page.

Writing in a Journal of course will help first identify the emotions that need to be dealt with. Anger and blame are of course big ones. As mentioned in yesterday’s article, these are negative emotions that will prevent moving forward. Ultimately, loss will follow into sadness as a very normal emotion in the grieving process. Gone. Where does that leave me?

Where does it leave you?

This is where a shift can happen if you let it. Where does the situation leave you exactly? How does facing this challenge going to make you a better and stronger person? How can you turn the situation around to learn something, to help others, to make things even better than before? These are the questions that will change the dynamics. By making the effort to turn the page while knowing deep down that the loss has helped you as a person, you can give yourself the energy you need to move forward.

From emotions, sadness, grievance, to turning the page, know that the Path to Happiness is always about learning and growing.



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