I’m ready to work, where do I start?

So you are ready to work on improving your life. You know that you will need to invest a lot of Time and Energy into this. You are not afraid of tackling challenges… You have rolled up your sleeves… Now what?

Do you know what area of your life requires priority improvement?
What could you change in your life that will have you smiling all the time?
If money was no object, what would you change today?

Take out your Journal and start by making a wish list.
Identify all the little or big changes in your life that you think would bring improvement to your life.
Don’t think about what is feasible or not at this point.
The exercise is simply meant to get you to come up with possible Ideas you may be able to start working on right away.

Of all the items on this list, are there some that you know are easy to handle?
Maybe this type of Idea is a good one to start with because it will allow you to pick up on the momentum of achieving goals, further pushing you to try more challenging ones later on.

Is there an item that is very urgent?
This may be health related perhaps…
Your attention to this type of goal is important for different reasons.

Pick one item and make that your Idea to work with NOW.
It wasn’t so hard today was it??


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