If you win a million bucks, what do you do?

This is a very important question in finding what you really want from life. Although it involves money, it’s not really about wealth.

Magic WandThe question can be put in a different way: “If you had nothing standing in your way, what would you do?” or why not “If you had a magic wand with unlimited powers, what would you wish for yourself?”

This makes you think of what really matters in your life. You may think of a range of material things that will keep you happy, you may be the philanthropic type and think of sharing your wealth with others, or you may go for opportunities that can open up to you now that there is no restricting factor.

My focus is on the latter. I think opportunities, especially as they relate to wealth, will eventually open the door to the first two anyway if you want them to. Most opportunities will directly or indirectly relate to wealth as our society structures everything around money, so this is just a fact that we have to deal with.  Basically, what I am saying is, if you win a million bucks and the monetary restrictions are lifted (at least to a large degree), what do you do?

My thoughts came from a discussion with my boss. His actual question to me was would I be happy if I won a million bucks. His idea was to see if money was the element I needed for contentment in my life. I replied without hesitation because I have identified what really matters in my life. My answer was this: No, but the million bucks would allow me to do the thing I need to do to be happy.

Look at it this way, money is the facilitator. That’s all.

Remove the money. What do you have? The same thing with a bit more hard work. That’s it! What is great about this path as opposed to the easier one, is the fact that you add more pride of accomplishment.

What’s my lesson through this analysis?
When you know what your ultimate goal is, happiness is to strive for it. The path is about working hard to completion, learning and growing along the way. Therefore facilitators, as helpful as they may be, aren’t a requirement to reach your goal.

On the flip side, if you are looking to find your life dream, think of the facilitator. If you won a million bucks, how would you use it to find real happiness? Then remove it from the equation and work hard to achieve your dream!


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