Idea, Decision, Commitment – Part of a bigger project.

Your Ideas will likely come in bunches, all linked to one bigger project you have in mind.

  • A diet, an exercise routine, journaling your progress are three Ideas that will combine to help you succeed in weight loss/gain or muscle building.
  • Joining a support group, surrounding yourself by the right friends, reading and researching online may be your set of Ideas to overcome a difficult period in your life caused by illness or even addiction.
  • A business plan, finding partners, applying for a grant, taking care of the legal and financial aspects of opening a business are some of the Ideas that will help you start a career as an entrepreneur.
  • Taking some courses, following online seminars and webinars, joining an Internet Club, starting TheNewHappyMe blog with an article a day, was part of my set of Ideas to create my project for my Life Dream.

I mention this because I believe that one Idea alone will not bring you ALL the satisfaction. It is your SET of Ideas translated into Decisions and Commitments pulled TOGETHER that will bring you a big chunk of the motivation you need as you move forward.

Your individual Ideas though are as important as if not more important than the whole. Without these Ideas the whole project would not exist. Yet Ideas alone seem small and inconsequential. It is easy to get caught in the challenges when an Idea alone doesn’t provide immediate rewards. 

Therefore, I suggest to see your accomplishments with each of your Ideas brought to fruition individually, so that you may find the energy within you to continue. Take the time to congratulate yourself for each step taken. The completion of the goal gets that much closer each time after all.

I needed to remind myself of this today. As the going gets tough, seeing how I have developed one Idea, even if it is one single Idea, motivates me for more, one Idea at a time. I feel Gratitude for what I have accomplished through my first Idea, Decision and Commitment.

Today I am celebrating my 300th post.


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