I won’t be able to, it’s too difficult.

When I thought of this excuse to stalling on a project, I started laughing. The image in my mind was of my dog Jorjie who never gives up finding a way to get what he wants.

Jorjie is a male chihuahua. At 2 years old, he is full of energy and although he “listens” to his older sister Mikka, when he has a project in mind, he doesn’t give up until I ask him to go Dodo in his cage. (Dodo is not a punishment BTW, he likes his cage because there is a always a treat for him there!)

Jorjie usually has one of two projects in mind: being close to me or finding a treasure he’s been sniffing.

I actually missed out on opportunities to show you this dog’s determination to achieve his goal! Nothing is too difficult or unattainable for him!

The dogs have a room for themselves. They shed a lot so I keep them in their area, a sitting room with lots of windows overlooking the back yard, a patio door and full opening to the house. I put a kind of fence to block the entrance to the rest of the house. The height of this fence is more than double Jorjie’s height and it is secured on both sides between furniture and the wall.

Jorjie’s project became to find a way out of his room and into mine. He first started climbing the furniture, I blocked that area; he then looked for weak spots to push the fence away from the wall and he was able to squeeze through, so I secured the fence tighter to prevent it from moving; then he did the unimaginable: he jumped it!  He seemed to have studied his possibilities to just go ahead and try it. I saw him doing it with my own eyes more than once! He jumps, holds on to the top with his front legs, uses his hind legs to boost him higher and he leaps forward. Freedom!

(Since he found the trick now and I have no solution yet, his cage has become his best friend!!)

He tried the same method to jump another barrier I put against the gate in the yard. Haha! This time it didn’t work! He got stuck, head and front legs outside the fence, torso squeezed in the middle, hind legs dangling 2 feet off the ground! Would have been a Kodak moment!

My point is, Jorjie had a project in mind. He didn’t stop to think he couldn’t do it, he didn’t think it was too difficult either, he wasn’t afraid of failing, he just tried it, on all counts.

Okay, so he’s a dog… and this is just his story… a funny one for those who know my 7lbs Jorjie! There is a lesson to learn from his determination though. When you put something to mind, you have to get creative, research the ways to get to your means and just do it. Baby steps make it easier of course. The idea is to put the project in motion.

Nothing is too difficult when you think (and write) about it!  How can you get creative to get your project underway?


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