I want to take action but something is stopping me

What happens when you write down your plan of action (whether for building wealth or any other objective)?

Can you immediately identify your milestones and next steps/baby steps to move forward?

Once you identify at least the first ones, what do you do? Do you see yourself taking action and actually doing the things you’ve written down? Or do hours and days and weeks pass only to look back at your list in despair?

Is something stopping you from actually taking action…?

As mentioned in the previous articles about baby steps, there are many reasons why a plan of action may be followed by inaction… sometimes you can even have trouble writing the plan of action to start with! Identifying the reasons and the excuses you give yourself for not making the necessary steps is a great start to solving the problem.

I, for one, have found dozens of excuses for inaction and for changing my direction from one project to another, never moving forward. I used to (and sometimes still) drive my friends and family insane (especially my mother!)

A few years ago, I realized I definitely needed more focus and clarity to plan properly but I also had to identify why I was finding excuses to steer away from my dreams. My Journal certainly helped by allowing me to view a clearer picture of my situation and relate it to where I wanted to go.  That is why I highly recommend writing in a Journal.

Starting with Gratitude for everything I have, analyzing the present hand I have been dealt, including all the negatives and positives alike, I can move on to writing about my inaction. Why do I stop? Why do I freeze? Why do I shy away…? Why do I despair…? This may be a difficult exercise… but please give it a try. My next posts will focus on every single possible excuse I can think of to help you out!!


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