I want to but I can’t.

Why can’t you?

Do you have a project you really want to start but you stall with these words?: “I want to but I can’t.”
Is there something about your project that is too difficult? Do you lack knowledge? Do you lack funding? Do you lack time?

“I can’t” is too general. I don’t like the expression. As my readers may know already, I get my hands dirty with detail, and I love my Journal for it!

In order to give yourself the chance to move forward, you HAVE TO identify the reasons behind the “I can’t”. There has to be a more precise underlying issue! There may be more than one too.

When I get in a despair mode of “I can’t” type, I usually stop and step away for a moment. The moment may be short or long, but it will be enough time for me to step back and take an objective look at the situation. 

This happened to me recently when I was looking for a vacation spot for myself and my kids. My ex-husband told me he wouldn’t be taking the kids on their week off, I was exhausted from work and desparately needed a break and I couldn’t handle the thought of juggling the children in these circumstances. I decided to look into booking a trip. Do you research flights and packages online? OMG! I started getting dizzy. I do so much research and work online, but THIS got me frustrated and despaired. I started thinking of the preparations, renewing our passports, taking time off work, working extra hours to prepare for my absence (including my posts) and I admit, I felt overwhelmed… I said “I can’t”! I almost gave up!

That’s when I took a day off searching. I wrote down what I wanted from my trip to narrow the search down and the amount of time I would waste online. I agreed to a price with myself to feel safer in my finances. I scheduled my next to dos in preparation for my trip (which would be within 20 days) to spread out the tasks and feel more reassured that I would be able to handle it.  The next day I tackled the Internet with a mission.  Success! I booked our package and as I am writing this post, we are almost all ready to go!

So saying “I can’t” isn’t a sin, but my suggestion is to take a step back and, without putting soap in your mouth, clean it up to say “I can” and just do it, because you can!

Feeling inspired by the story? You may have a similar story in your past… why not share it with us and let the memory of it motivate you to tackle yet another project today? 

If you are saying “I can’t” today, write to us too. You’ll get great support from your friends at TheNewHappyMe!


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