I trust that I am making the right Decision!

From Idea to Decision – it takes courage, strength, belief, willpower and a great big kick the behind!

Some of us just sit in front of an Idea that has such great potential without ever taking action. Others have a very simple Idea in mind that can open doors to amazing opportunities, but they wait it out and find excuses to avoid it entirely.  I know that many of TheNewHappyMe readers are saying - Ya that’s me!

What stops us from going from Idea to Decision?

Is it fear? Fear of failure, of making a mistake, of displeasing someone, of actually succeeding and living a new and unfamiliar life, of regretting the change… Is it a lack of confidence, lack of belief in yourself, lack of courage to tackle the challenges, lack of will to work hard for something you deserve?

Well I am here to say – Don’t let it stop you! and if my encouragement doesn’t help you, I’ll give you that KICK IN THE BUTT!

When I go from Idea to Decision to Commitment, my mindset is one of Trust. I TRUST that I am making the right decision so fears have to melt away, there cannot be any regrets, mistakes can happen and I trust I can correct them as required, I trust I can handle the hard work and face challenges to use them as new opportunities to learn and grow.

I do it so you can do it too! Repeat after me:

I TRUST I am making the right Decision.

So what is your latest Idea? Take out your Journal and write about it. Why should you go ahead with it? If you have established that this is the right time to move ahead with this Idea, that this Idea puts you on the right Path to Happiness, then write out your Decision in detail including a line to state your Commitment.  Write about how you Trust that the Decision to go ahead with it is the right one for you and that you have everything it takes to Commit to the changes in your life following this Decision.


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2 Responses to “I trust that I am making the right Decision!”

  1. Great post! You definitely have to believe in the decisions you make in life. If you don’t believe in them, then you’ve already visualized failure. Courage and certainty are some main keys to success.

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