I make plans for a happier life, but…

Do you know exactly what it is that you need for your happier life? Have you figured it out, or at least do you have a vision of yourself in the type of life you want to lead? Can you almost touch it and feel with all your senses what it could be like to live that happier more fulfilling life? Can you see the steps you need to take to get there?

Perhaps it isn’t a whole life transformation that you are seeking. Maybe it is a simple renewal of one aspect of your life that needs uplifting and you know exactly what it is. You know what steps you need to take. You wholeheartedly want to make that change.

I make plans for a happier life, but… I never follow through.

What happens between really wanting to make it happen and choosing to drop the Idea altogether? This is a tough question.

The answer may be right in front of your nose. Acknowledging the issue that stops you from following through on your plans is already a big step forward into the solution. Now remains working on the problem to dissolve it. You can have support through this Journey, you’re never alone, but you have to do it for yourself.

The answer may be right there in front of you, but you may decide to ignore it. There are many reasons why you would choose to deny the existence of a problem in the realization of your goals. You have to dig deep for this one. Is it fear? What kind of fear? Is it the influence of certain individuals in your life, in the present, or perhaps the baggage you carry from past relationships? Is it blame or regret? Why is it difficult for you to accept this and move on? You need to acknowledge what keeps you from moving forward to be able to carry on with plans. Without this acknowledgement, you will remain in an uncomfortable status quo.

The answer may be a complete enigma… In this case, you will also need to dig deep. Often, it isn’t too hard to discover it. It simply takes some effort and willingness to uncover it.

For all three scenarios, you need to evaluate where you stand today and where you want to be tomorrow. Is your discomfort now worse than the work required to move to tomorrow? If no, then you are not yet at the point where you really want or need that change in your life? If yes, than you just have to do it.

This is when I suggest to take out your Journal. Make your Statement, write down what that happier life is for you, what does it represent and how do you place the stepping blocks to allow your plans to unfold. Create a Vision Board of your Happier Life and pull in the energy you need to work on making your plans come true. Your investment is all for you, not one ounce will be wasted! Do it.




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2 Responses to “I make plans for a happier life, but…”

  1. Sa Nad says:

    PHEW !!!
    Very profound !!!
    Thanks for really making me dig deep to get an honest answer for myself.
    However, sometimes making the decision to change your circumstances is not so easy, especially when other people may be hurt – or even not understand WHY you need to do something for yourself.
    Is it selfish to think of your own happiness first?
    All my life I’ve tried to avoid hurting other people’s feelings. It’s hard to change that concept.


    • Carmen Marie says:

      I’m glad the questions challenge you to think Sa. It is important to be truly honest to yourself in your answer to better identify the issues and be able to deal with them.

      Indeed when other people are involved, it is more difficult to make the changes you need to make. You can feel guilty or be afraid of their reaction. I have been going through these types of feelings myself lately and you have to know that the consensus is this: no it is not selfish to think of yourself on your path to happiness, because if you are not happiness, you cannot be “there” for your loved ones. Being happy of course does not mean hurting others either. On your own quest for happiness, you may sometimes do things others may disagree with, but when you know this is the right path for you, things end up settling down and your friends and loved ones will understand why you had to do it. Hope this explanation helps Sa. I know it helped me deal with some of my fears…

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