I Love ME with compassion

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”  - Dalai Lama

Loving yourself with compassion is treating yourself with understanding, as opposed to criticism and judgment.

Compassion may be seen as the attitude of the weak.  It is seen as pity or the open door to laziness.  It isn’t an attribute worthy of the tough and strong. Criticism as the alternative, is thought to be the motivator to do better next time. We may be conscious of the fact that these notions are false, as we have changed the ways we discipline our children, yet we continue to self-discipline through judgment and criticism, actively or subconsciously.

What is compassion?
Compassion for myself is an extension of my compassion towards others. It is acknowledging that I am hurting, realizing that I am not alone, that others sometimes hurt in the same way, and treating myself with kindness to take care of myself and start healing.

How does compassion help me on my path?
Compassion allows me to treat myself with kindness and encourage myself to move forward. It serves as motivation towards my goals in a very friendly environment I create for myself. With compassion, my motivation is my well-being which will only drive me towards healthy changes. It turns hurt into more positive emotions of self-care and love, changing my negative behaviors and attitudes into healthier ones.  Self-compassion is a way to connect to myself and my life; it will open my heart to myself and my loved ones.  Compassion is learned and will grow with practice!

How can I Love ME with compassion?
Use your Journal for this. Answer questions like:

  • What things about myself do I criticize? Which aspects of my life am I more critical of?
  • What is my internal dialogue when I criticize myself?
  • How do I feel when I criticize myself in this way?
  • When I criticize myself, do I feel alone and isolated or do I feel like I can reach out for support?
  • Does criticizing myself motivate me to do better, or does it discourage or depress me?
  • How can I change my dialogue to be more understanding of myself and my situation?
  • How can I lend myself a hand for support and encourage myself to get help from others?
  • How can I change my ways to motivate me to work hard and succeed?

Once you have identified how you treat yourself, see if you can exercise a little more self-compassion. Try looking at yourself through the eyes of a compassionate friend; how would your friend respond to you in your hours of need?  Write down all the things your friend would tell you and how you would feel to hear those words. Wouldn’t it be great to be treating yourself the same way?

Self-compassion will help you on your path. It will encourage better and healthier relationships, primarily with yourself and ultimately with everyone around you.


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