I Love ME with an open mind

An open mind is one thing I know I have. Whew! I was starting to have too much to think about and write in my journal!!  (I’ll add a P.S. though to say Kudos to Carmen for her open mind!) 

Jokes aside, I believe this is the primary element in following your path to happiness; an open mind is the one attribute that will help you start the journey and find all the other ways of loving and re-discovering yourself. I have been fortunate enough to have an open mind from the beginning and to force myself to push harder into discovering who I really am deep within.  As difficult as it may have been, my willingness to understand, learn and grow have helped me move forward all along.

An open mind helps me listen to myself, to dig deep into my inner thoughts, to understand where they come from, to support the healthy and to counter the negative ones.  In creating TheNewHappyMe, I think I have opened the door to doing all this and more and I hope I will encourage you to do the same.  It all starts with clearing your mind and saying “let it be”.

I know. It isn’t at all easy to be completely honest with yourself about things that may be holding you back. Some things are very painful or simply difficult to accept. My big issue was always how, as a smart individual, I could let myself be pushed down and pulled back by beliefs hidden within me.  In discovering my thoughts I would think OMG this cannot be true, how can I believe this? Yet it isn’t a question of intelligence at all. Our life experiences have taught us to believe certain things, some true some not. An open mind is like a database manager to sift through it all and make out the right and wrong.  I let it be and as objectively as possible, even if I feel painful stabs once in a while, I clean it up.

It obviously takes more than a processor to do the work. It requires a lot of energy to acknowledge the thoughts and to realize which ones have been negative influences. It does also take a lot of work to rewind and reprogram. As always, I will plug in the importance of Journal Writing! I won’t give up on this one.  My journal is my scanner, the tool I need to safely let in what will accompany me on my journey and keep out the thoughts that will cause harm. My scanner also has a handy troubleshooting feature. It may take some time, but with an open mind, finding my way back from a winding path can be as simple as mapping it out on paper. Your journal is truly a powerful tool when you use it regularly! 

My white pages wait for words to pour out of my open mind.  As the thoughts come out, they follow one of two directions: the road to nowhere as I set them free or my path to happiness as my buddies.  Either way, my open mind is content for a job well done!


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4 Responses to “I Love ME with an open mind”

  1. Great post!

    I like to think I am open minded. Everyone once in a while, I get a whack on the side of the head and I realize that I am constraining my self. Those are the mind opening experiences!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Be Well.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Paul, I think you are in a great position to say you are open minded. I think Gratitude in itself requires an open mind to appreciate all the little things life presents to us daily, including the challenges and the detours in our journey.

      And when we are challenged with an opportunity to dig deeper, an open mind combined with gratitude makes the experience so much more worthwhile!! :)

      Thanks for your comment Paul! I really appreciate these discussions!

  2. Peter Wright says:

    You are absolutely correct about the importance of having an open mind.

    Not only for the reasons you stated, but also in periods of adversity, hardship and danger, an open mind allows us to find possible alternatives, explore and pursue them.

    An open mind allows us to find joy in simple things that fly below the radar of a “closed” mind. Like, sunbeams, that peculiar green light before a storm, a cat stretching contentedly, a child’s smile.

    I like your last paragraph, I know the feeling, sometimes my white pages have to wait for quite a while!

    • Carmen Marie says:

      You are so right about finding happiness by noticing things through an open mind. Whether as optional solutions to challenges or just added joys to our days, thoughts that come out of an open mind will definitely increase the quality of our life.

      Just thinking of a lovely moment like a child’s smile, or his angelic face as he sleeps… these moments can serve as such inspiration when you are comfortable with yourself and when you have learned to truly love yourself. A “closed mind” as you put it, would miss out on such opportunities and not allow love to sip in.

      Thanks for the great input!

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