I Love ME; patience is my virtue

Well, actually it isn’t, but it should be. I am really trying hard to be more patient in general. Whether with my children, my family, my colleagues, my projects, even fellow drivers on my way to work.  I also have to be more patient with myself, just as my friends and loved-ones are with me. 

“Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.” 
 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lack of patience leads to anger and frustration. Just as it happens on the outside, the same thing happens inside. It isn’t a very healthy attitude. In fact, it can lead to some health issues too. Basically, practicing patience is a form of taking care of yourself.  If you love yourself, you will learn to stop and breathe.

I have issues with patience myself. I have gotten much better over the years, but I recognize the fact that I still have some work in this area. I sometimes get impatient with my projects, thinking that they’re not going well or fast enough; I get frustrated and angry at myself for not being able to make everything run as smoothly as I would like it to run. When I take a step back though, I think of how this attitude could possibly help me. Do I end up getting more done in my impatience? NO! Then why do I keep doing that?

Upon analyzing my behaviour (and yes writing in my journal) I realized that it all stems from my ambition. I strive to do well… no… better, and as much as quality is important, time is of the essence. So I get impatient. Tic-toc! I don’t give myself the time to breathe, I work harder and faster, I push myself to the limit and I end up crashing! Way to go Carmen! That’s no way to love myself!

I not only end up hurting myself, emotional and physically, I also miss out on so much by rushing through the experiences: the opportunity to enjoy the moments and to learn from each of them, to smell the roses on my journey while I take the time to refuel, to grow stronger while on my adventure and to share the joy of achievement with my loved-ones… Given a little patience, I might even see my difficulties fade away. If I don’t slow down, I will never give myself that chance. There is so much to lose for one who leaves patience behind.

Nature’s pace is indeed woven with patience. Just as I wait for bulbs to flower in the spring, enjoying every moment of their growth, I must be patient with myself to give myself the time to do what I need to do.  I want to love myself; patience must be my virtue.


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2 Responses to “I Love ME; patience is my virtue”

  1. Peter Wright says:

    Good Post Carmen

    I used to be terribly impatient, with every one but most of all myself. I always had the feeling that time was flying past and I was not making enough progress.

    When I was younger, I was obliged to spend weeks at a time in the military, where an individuals concern for time is totally obliterated by the routine of the organisation. That taught me to accept that at times our impatience cannot influence events and we must just go with the flow.

    Surviving personal, financial and political adversity over the years has also taught me the value of the saying “This too shall pass”. Sure enough, I survived events that, at the time, seemed un-survivable. Being patient during those periods certainly kept me sane, restored my freedom, and allowed me to get on with life.

    Like you, I have found it easier to be patient as I have got older.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Patience definitely seems to be a virtue of the older and wiser! I saw myself battling trafic today…wow impatience!! And I thought of your comment (I read this morning on my blackberry) saying that our impatience will not influence time. I took a deep breath and slowed down…

      I think my generation, mid-aged adults, young parents in the middle of their career, often have too much on their plate, so impatience becomes part of life. We have to do so much in very little time, with tight schedules beeping constant alarms on our gadgets, that we cannot wait for the slow driver to shove to the right and we curse at the person who takes too long at the ATM machine (actually I seldom go to the bank anymore because I know I’ll come out frustrated!!!). I even got impatient at the grocery store cash clerk today because she was scanning too slowly. I kept thinking for goodness sake woman, it doesn’t take skill to scan a code!!!

      Having seen myself so impatient, more so today with a tighter schedule running to 9pm, I wondered how this translates to my attitude towards myself. It is more difficult to evaluate this as it isn’t as obvious, but I am sure I am quite impatient when it comes to my own actions and life in general as I am towards others. This critical style cannot be good for me and deserves to be worked on… I’ll start by taking a deep breath and doing things one at a time!

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