I love ME on Valentine’s Day!

To be totally frank with my readers, I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. Okay honestly, I don’t like any Holiday! I am not a party-pooper though, I have my reasons for disliking these “special” days. I believe that underneath the commercialized exterior, they each hold a deeper message that we should remember throughout the year!

Of all the Holidays, Valentine’s Day is my least favourite…
Bah Humbug!

My life story may be part of the reason for my lack of enthusiasm for <3 Day. Break-ups, meaningless relationships, divorce… not quite what a girl wants to keep in her heart. Yet couple-hood is the norm and socially, you are not expected to be whole without someone to share your life with!! So how do you deal with that???

Seven years ago, when my marriage fell apart, I went on a path of soul searching, with lots of Journal Writing and setting relationship goals on my annual Vision Boards (sometimes not-so-right-for-me goals). Over the years, I lived through situations and experiences that were meant to be lessons above all. Needless to say, my broken heart has many scars and fear of the trenches. As a single mom, I realized finding love again would be difficult but I never thought I would despair over stories of romantic failure. I needed my energy to take care of my kids; I couldn’t waste it on stupid relationships!!

I got angry. I got angry at myself mostly for letting this happen. Why was I so hung up on finding someone to be happy with? That’s when it hit me!! Why does a smart, caring, good looking woman like me have to wait for a man to be happy? Why can’t she be happy on her own?

This lead me to reading and researching about happiness, particularly about finding happiness in solitude. My findings changed my outlook on relationships and the rest is TheNewHappyMe history. The fact is learning to be happy on your own comes from learning to love yourself. This state of happiness also happens to be very attractive!

Starting today, my theme will be “I Love ME”; how to love yourself and be happy. I find it most appropriate to start it today because this is the most important love of your life! Without this love, you may never find true happiness in a relationship. Without this love, you will never be your true self.

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