I Love ME; In ME I Trust.

Trust is a BIG word. It carries lot of responsibility. As it relates to ME, it should.

Someone who loves ME, also trusts me, believes in my integrity and my good intentions.

Do I trust ME?

  • Do I trust that I will make decisions and act in my own best interest all the time, at least with good intentions, even if some decisions may lead to failure?
  • Do I trust that I always give 100% of myself to me and my endeavours?
  • Do I trust that I will support myself with love through challenges, particularly if I fall?
  • Do I trust that I am not cheating myself out of opportunities with fear of challenges, of success or failure?
  • Do I trust that I am not lying to myself about my motivations, that I am not hiding behind denial?

The last question should be the toughest one to answer. Cue Journals!

Journal writing will be important to answer the last question because sometimes it is easy to take an easy route by deciding to stay in denial about something relevant to the better path.  Fear may be a big factor and can often subconsciously change our direction. In this case, you cannot be acting in your own best interest. You would have good intentions on the surface only, while acting in the best interest of your fear.

By writing you will be able to uncover some problem spots and see how you can trust yourself fully. By digging deep into your thoughts, you will develop your trust, telling yourself that fear will not stop you from properly loving yourself. Through successes or failures, you will trust that you will still love yourself and support yourself on your journey. You will trust that all this is meant for you to learn and grow and that it is all in your best interest. You will trust that whatever you do, you are responsible and accountable for and that each motivated step will contribute to who you will be tomorrow. You will trust that you are 100% vested in yourself and will give all you’ve got to make sure you make the best of your life path.

I Love Me means I trust that I will do and be all this for myself.


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