I Love ME; I Support ME.

SUPPORT is an act that is generally expected to be mutual. I give support to my family and friends and I expect the same in return.  This is an act of love that is absolutely normal and that should be part of every relationship. 
(Of course, I understand “should be” doesn’t necessarily mean it ”is”…)

No matter what I do, how I do it or how successful it turns out to be, it is important for me to know that I have full support from my loved ones.  I commit to supporting them in their endeavours too. Just as I would do for them, I need to know that they will encourage me, they will give me feedback,  they will help me when I need a hand and they will lend an ear when all I need is to talk it out in times of struggle.

I am sure that you basically agree with this statement. Right?
Now, here is my question to you: Do you support yourself in the same way? Don’t say YES too fast, think about it.

If any of the following testimonials sound like something you would say, you will have to take out your Journal:

  • When I get an idea for an amazing project, my brain jumps in and says Nah I can’t pull that off.
  • When I am having difficulties, I get run down and my thoughts become all gloom and doom. I get despaired fast.
  • When I do something great, it just passes, I feel like nobody noticed so it must not have been that incredible. I forget about it the next day.
  • When I have a project in mind, I don’t plan it out and make the effort to find the resources I need to take my next steps. I end up procrastinating.

Just as you expect your family and friends to be supportive, you should find the same type of support within yourself. If you do not believe in yourself to start, if you cannot give yourself the support you need to achieve your goals, how can you expect others to do it for you?

Even if your friends and family did offer you support, your own lack of support for yourself may cause enough of a setback to stop you from attaining your goals.

Sometimes, unfortunately, the reality is you may not even get the support you need from others, so your support for yourself will become primary in your achievements. You will find love, courage and energy through your self-motivation and support.

Take the time to think about how you offer support to yourself, or how you think you should (even if you don’t). This will be a great exercise for your Journal. You will even be able to continue writing in your Journal in support of your latest endeavours. It will serve as great practice and practice does make perfect! Have fun!


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