I Love ME; I set me free.

“Forgiveness is giving up the possibility of a better past”
- Unknown

In self-love, I accept my past. Every moment of my journey that is now my past, has contributed to who I am today. Even the events I may not be proud of have become ME. Forgiveness is acknowledging the fact that each one of these was followed by a lesson, and making sure to not pass up the opportunity to grow each time.

The past is what it is. It will not change. It is what I made of it when it was my “present”. My experiences have now taught me how to do better, therefore today, as I get yet another chance at a “present”, I will put my knowledge to good use and live the best moment I can live. Forgiveness is turning the page while making sure that I have kept from the experience, the valuable lesson that will help me in the future.

My “presents” are limited, I know that. I have received one now and I will make the best of it. Forgiveness allows me to move forward and experience something new, better. Forgiveness liberates me from the thoughts that keep me from living the best “present” I can live.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.” – Unknown

We have all made mistakes, we have all thought or done something we are not proud of. The level of severity may vary of course. What have I done to correct the situation? How have I dealt with it? Some damages may be irreparable… have I done everything possible to help repair, to make peace with what I can’t fix or to compensate in any other way? Have I learned a valuable lesson from the experience? Have I grown as a result? Am I at peace with this past and can I turn the page? Can I forgive myself?

Holding on to the memory of the a negative past is like beating myself up emotionally. Would I constantly remind a loved-one of a mistake they made in the past? If I love that person, I would let it go, free the person of the thought of the mistake and allow the person the opportunity to show that they have learned to do better next time.  I love that person… do I Love ME? Why would I act differently towards myself?

These are wonderful questions to try to answer in your Journal. I am sure you will have lots to write and you will surprise yourself with some of your answers. Find peace by releasing the thoughts that have kept you from living your present. Love yourself the way you love others. Forgive yourself and love again.

Tell us how writing helped you find peace. Encourage others to do the same. Don’t be shy.

There is much more to come in the I Love ME series. Some of the topics may be heavy or very thought provoking, but they all lead to long term happiness. TheNewHappyMe journey is worth your effort. Don’t hesitate to write for support!


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