I Love Me First – I Love You Second

The title may sound very selfish to some, but selfish is good when you consider the fact that it is impossible to love another, if you don’t love yourself first!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?Framed Hearts Stock Images

I just had an interesting conversation with a friend about love, romance, companionship and relationships in general. Being in the self-discovery and healing mode myself, I am not interested in companionship right now. I don’t miss romance and I am not looking for it. My sole focus is on learning to TRULY LOVE MYSELF.

In loving myself, I am learning to respect my needs without compromise. Women and mothers often tend to sacrifice themselves for others but end up losing themselves and no longer being able to care for their loved ones. What good is that?

In loving myself, I am learning my self-worth, how much my time, my energy, my body, mind and soul are precious. I do not give them away. I respect myself and in doing so, I teach others to respect me too.  

In loving myself, I teach others how to love me too. I deserve to be loved and to be loved well. I am love, I give love and when I receive love, I accept it.  Love is in everything I do, speak and feel. I surround myself with this energy to expand it to all around me. The results are marvelous.

In loving myself, I heal my wounds. I forgive myself for all my past messes. I accept that all my experiences have made me who I am today. I am a stronger, better person as a result. I love my present ME. I tend to all my needs, physical, emotional and spiritual.

In loving myself, I am happier. I can now love you better. I show my love to my children and family. I embrace the moments with them. With patience and compassion, I support them. With respect, I honor and love them. With more love in my heart, I can show more love to all around me.

In loving myself, I open my heart with trust. Soon I will be ready to accept companionship in my life. Soon I will be able to love and be loved by a person who understands the value of I LOVE ME FIRST.


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