I have my Idea to find Happiness, now what?

This question comes to me from a reader. The answer really depends on what the Idea is and what area of your life requires changes on the Path to Happiness. Nevertheless, I will try to answer in a generic way to help readers who may have the same concern.

Ideas are things you want to Take Action on to make a change in your life. As discussed in the past articles, you can have many Ideas coming to you through years of dreaming of a better life, through research or discussions with friends for example.

Once you have the Ideas, I suggest the following process:

  • Choose the one Idea you will be working on in priority - Decide that this is the one you need to work on. You can use the past week’s articles to have suggestions on how to choose.
  • Commit to doing whatever needs to be done to Take Action - This means making sure that your family understands and allows you the time and space if required, making your routine such that you include work on your Idea, putting deadlines for yourself to respect as you move along, etc. You will put all the chances on your side that you wil make this work.
  • Make a list of the steps required to make your Idea come true for you - This is your Plan of Action. Reduce the steps to baby steps and tasks that you will need to keep an eye on daily. A TO DO list will help you keep on top of this list.
  • See if there are some steps for which you will need outside help – There are some parts of your Idea that you may not be able to handle on your own. Ask a friend to help you, call for information, hire someone to do it… You will need to do this to move forward.
  • One by one, cross off list items to see how you are advancing on the original plan.

So this is the simple and logical way to follow from an Idea to a Plan of Action. It is of course a summarized version of what really happens… You will encounter ups and downs of course like all things (remember the video from Idea to Goal Completion from July 8th?) and you will move forward as you carry out the items on your list.

Take today to write out a Plan of Action for your Idea. Use your agenda to schedule when you will do what. Plan it to the best of your knowledge from A to Z, knowing that you will adjust it as you go along. Nothing is set in stone!



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