I had my chance for a happy life, I messed up.

This is another one of those statements that I will bluntly say “SO WHAT!” to!

So you messed up, you made a mistake. What makes you think THAT was your chance at a happy life? You can never know for sure, since it never materialized completely. Would it make you feel better to think that THAT might not have been your only chance at a happy life?

If things went wrong, are you sure you are to blame entirely? Could it be that many elements came into play to stop you on your tracks? Stop blaming yourself, stop the regret. These are useless for your present and your future, other than for learning from your experience. Switch the gear to opening yourself up to new possibilities.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) – “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”

Thanks to past mistakes you now have this amazing knowledge base that will help you see the opportunities for what they are. Know that you will notice the open doors and that you will be prepared to use them as they are presented to you. Believe in your capacity to make the right Decisions when the opportunities arise. Believe that you will many such occasions to come! It is by learning and growing that you will reach your happier life!



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