I Deserve a Better Relationship!

Yesterday, i wrote about opportunities, how they arise to make changes for the better, how our energy works to open new doors bringing us closer to the desires we truly believe we deserve.  I will continue with the same thought today with a different twist: I deserve a better relationship!

You may want a better relationship with your present partner or spouse, or you may be looking for a new fulfilling relationship. Whatever the case may be, the recipes most valuable ingredient is still to believe.

Write your petition. Why do you believe you deserve a better relationship?

Because you are a loving person. Because you are beautiful, charming, intelligent, caring, helpful, etc. Find all the reasons why you deserve a better relationship.

Now look at everything you wrote and take a look at yourself. If you always think of giving love to the other person, or receiving from the other, stop it for a moment. Change it to giving love to yourself and being on the receiving end 100%. Look at everything you wrote about yourself and see how you deserve to love yourself. Believe that you have every reason to love yourself. Love yourself for being who you are.

I know this sounds weird at first… you are telling me you want your partner to love you better or to find someone to love you and here I am telling you to love yourself!

My answer: duh!

If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t believe you have what it takes to love yourself, how can you expect someone else to love you. If you don’t give yourself proper attention and care, if you don’t think it is important enough for you or that you deserve it, why would you expect your partner to think that you need it?

So, start by believing in your core that you deserve your own love and attention. Write every day about the reasons why you deserve love in your life and love yourself for it. Don’t do anything drastic to change your life. You don’t need to. Your energy will slowly create your new path as you develop your belief that you deserve love from yourself and from another. You will feel the change within you. 

Again,  your energy will work in funny ways. Your newfound love for yourself will change you inside and out and your energy will move you towards the decisions that will eventually lead to the relationship that is best for you.

The first thing you will notice is that you will become less needy of external love. Your love for yourself will fill you. This doesn’t mean you will end up loving yourself, single all your life!! It just means people will sense your love and confidence and won’t feel threatened or bothered by your neediness. Neediness means you will expect more than you will give. As you can imagine, a partner will back away from that. Your new attitude will put a partner much more at ease.

If you have a spouse or partner, your relationship may get better through an opportunity to let you go on a vacation and reconnect or maybe an incident that makes you seek counseling. This person might not be the right person for you. Your love for yourself finally makes you realize this person is toxic and you leave him, or your new energy pushes him away. If you are single, your new love for yourself will be immensely attractive.  Nothing smells better than confidence and a smile!

I have obviously simplified the concept in this post, but I think you get the idea.  You have to believe you deserve before the plan can pan out to get you what you desire. In this case, you have to believe you deserve love, your own to start, for the right message to be carried through to your energy. Then let it go.

If you truly believe you deserve a better relationship, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have it!


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2 Responses to “I Deserve a Better Relationship!”

  1. Adrian Parinas says:

    Dear Carmen,

    I’m Adrian and I found this great article of yours through the internet. I just want to say thank you for sharing such a wonderful thought of having a better relationship in life. I have a partner now and after reading your post, I feel I have much confidence to seek love in a better way now. As you said, nothing smells better than confidence and a smile!

    Thank you and God bless.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      I am very glad you found TheNewHappyMe on the Net Adrian. You know, it took me some time to realize that I deserve so much more than I was allowing myself, in my relationship and my work too! But when I did, things started changing for the better! Today, my decisions come easier and I feel more liberated as a result. My relationships are healthier and more satisfying and my work is more rewarding! Nothing can stand in your way for Happiness! Thank you for sharing Adrian!

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