I commit to give 110% of myself to achieve my Life Dream

A commitment is a serious promise. When we are talking about your Life Dream, the commitment is a promise to yourself.

You promise to give 110% of yourself to achieve your Life Dream by:

  • Devoting all or at least a lot of your energy to achieving this goal
  • Sacrificing other aspects of your life if need be to put more energy on this path
  • Working hard and long hours to complete your milestones and goal
  • Looking for innovative and creative ways of advancing on your path
  • Going beyond your comfort zone to try something new and move forward
  • Learning and growing as much as possible on the journey
  • Accepting trial and error, calculated risks, failures and successes along the way

These are some of the efforts you will have to commit to on your path. Without these, chances are you won’t really be efficient on your path; you will either advance too slowly, lose interest along the way or just drop everything from lack of forward movement.

When you commit to working on making your Life Dream a reality, you understand that you will live and breathe your next steps. These efforts, enumerated above, will become second nature and soon, you won’t even be able to imagine life without the commitment. It will become your driving force and you will be able to complement it with motivation, gratification and gratitude.

I have been living my commitment to TheNewHappyMe and I guarantee you that I can’t go back. This is my Life now, my chosen path to reach my Life Dream. I am extremely happy at how my commitment has created a purpose for me, as well as daily opportunities to get motivated and to feel gratitude for all the things I have accomplished.

My goal is to inspire my readers to enjoy a similar path towards their Life Dream. Are you ready to commit to your journey?
How can I help you take that step?





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