I am Responsible for my thoughts; I can change them too!

Since your steps towards your Life Dream will stem from a thought, how important do you think it is to have control over the process??

Here’s the 1st great news: You are the one and only one in charge of your thoughts. This is a GREAT thing! This means that you can direct your thoughts to help you reach your destination. While on the path, you can change orientation, you can help accelerate or slow down using thought… This also means that your steps will not be influenced by anything other than your self, through your own thoughts. You are in the driver seat!

Given this, it means that you have the responsibility of taking care of your own thoughts. You are the only one responsible of your thoughts and where you let them lead you.

If you want to succeed in reaching your goals, it is in your best interest to keep your thoughts aligned with the direction of achieving your goals. Sounds simple enough… Yet it does get complicated at times when other elements come into play.

Fear and Influence for example, are elements that can easily cause a deviation. These factors do not affect your steps directly; they do however stray your thoughts, which in turn will cause disturbance on your path.

Here’s good news #2: Since you can change your thoughts, you can influence the process when negative elements affect them. Therefore, before letting the “bad” thoughts stray you from your path, all you have to do is take a step back to rethink them.  If fear has entered the scene, rationalizing it can bring your thoughts back to your original plans and help you keep on your path. Changing your thoughts to reflect your positive move forward will allow you to take appropriate steps in that direction.

Shaping your thoughts to fit the right direction will help you keep on your path.  When deviations occur, readjustments are in order to get back on track… it just boils down to that.

My suggestion to keep thoughts aligned with your direction: write in your Journal! I can never emphasize the value of Journal writing enough!! Until you try it, you won’t feel its benefits.

Two great news plus a tip! That is enough to shape your thoughts on a positive path!! Now it’s up to you! :)



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