I am Responsible for my Decisions, good or bad!

Parents often say to their children, as I do to my kids, that we are responsible for our decisions. This implies that the right decisions will have good results and bad decisions may have undesirable consequences.

As adults, I believe we take this for granted.

I think that, in general, we understand that there are consequences either way. The area where we fail is in the realization of the power we have over our actions as a result and, consequently, on the overall outcome in our life. Let me explain.

Last year, after having been through hell taking care of a big project at work, I decided that I did not want to be part of it anymore. I made it clear that it was too much for me to handle and I did not want to be working on it on an annual basis. Six months later, the project was back and I agreed to take on a small part, to which got added administrative work, to which added design work, to which added committee work, and so on, from a snowball to an avalanche. Now I am stuck with the bad decision of letting it happen again! I am 100% responsible.

Needless to say, I have learned my lesson. I am responsible for my decisions and for all resulting outcomes If I don’t want to be part of something, I have to say NO. I have to decide to make sure that I distance myself from that thing. If I am unsure about the decision and I want to lay some ground rules to protect myself, I have to make a clear decision as to what I will agree to and what I won’t. This will prevent the snowball effect. I am responsible for whatever happens from my decision on, whether good or bad.

Keeping this in mind, my decisions for the future are becoming clearer. I am the one and only person responsible for my decisions. It is up to me to make those decisions wisely for myself. Nobody else will look after my best interest otherwise. This is the path to find happiness and peace in my life.

My Journal is going to be happy to see me writing like crazy again!!

Have you faced such situations in your life? Has it been difficult for you to get through the decisions to help yourself discover what is best for you? I’d love to hear about your story!



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