I am looking for happiness… what am I looking for exactly?

In our search for happiness, we are often looking for something that is missing in our life. At least, we think it is missing, whether this may seem true to others or not. It is a personal and intimate reality.

Sometimes we know exactly what is missing. It may be financial freedom, health, self-confidence, romance. At times, we consider more material things to be the key to happiness, such as a house, a car, a diamond ring.  This is also very personal.

And sometimes, we have no clue what is missing. I seem to have everything society considers part of the ideal, or almost ideal life, yet deep down I am not content. I am still searching for happiness.

As a very first step, it is an interesting exercise to try to figure out what is missing from my life to make it “complete”. For the purpose of this exercise, I won’t try to see if I can get it right away, or if I can get it at all.

Take out your Journal and ask yourself the question. Write whatever comes to mind.

What could I possibly add to my life tomorrow (without any restrictions whatsoever) that would really make me happy?

Be sure to consider your happiness on the long term. For example, getting a brand new computer will probably make me happy for a week, but the novelty will eventually wear off.  Therefore getting myself a computer should not be part of my list. (This is for my personal list and may very well be different for someone else.)

When you make your list, consider the WHY. Why would that item make you happy? This question may make you realize that the item in question isn’t as important in your life as you thought it would be, or it may be important for a different reason than you originally thought.

I tried this exercise a while back. I looked at the possibility of finding happiness through the gift of one million dollars falling on my lap (although I would get squished under the weight, unless it came as a wire transfer!!). My answer may surprise some of my readers (see post of April 29, 2011).

This is just an exercise. Try it. Have fun writing and see what comes out. We’ll continue with other such questions in the next post.


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