How will my Friends help me reach my Goals?

All your Friends and Best Friends, including yourself as your “Bestest” of Friends, will have an impact on your Path as you go from an Idea to Goal Completion.

As mentioned in my previous articles and video (see July 23rd for a replay of the video), you will get excited about your Idea as you make your way to Success and Happiness, taking steps one at a time to reach your Goal.

During the course of your life, you will have many such Ideas and many Goals to reach… As well, you will have many Friends who will support you or challenge you at different times and in different ways. You yourself will change; you will mature and grow over years of experience, therefore the way you will motivate yourself or sometimes block yourself from fear will vary each time. You will be your Best Friend on your Path, just as others will be in your life.

Here are some concrete examples:

  • My spouse is my Best Friend. When I told him I want to go back to school, he loved the Idea and immediately sat down with me to calculate our budget and see how we can make this happen for me.
  • I have a few Friends I always hang out with. We are very comfortable with each other, we share our stories, we laugh and cry together. We share something in common: we are all overweight and have gone through many unsuccessful trendy diets together. I told them I want to join the gym together with them to try losing weight through exercise.  They are not too crazy about the idea and are making excuses. I now have to decide if I want to do this alone. This is a challenge for me.
  • I joined a club to build a small business. I now have a mentor and I love her! She is so supportive and we go out for coffee often to chat about my next steps. She makes me write the to do list each time and I report back to her each week, by phone, by email or in person. She is a great coach and motivator. She has become a true Friend.
  • I just finished college and now that I have a degree, I want to find a decent job, find stability and move to a nice apartment. My boyfriend is a bar hopper and he likes smoking joints with friends. His parents support him so he has no interest in finding a job. I don’t like that life, I love him but I feel I need to take my distance and go after my goals.

How do these stories speak to you? They are fictional but very realistic.

Do you have a story to share?  What can we learn from these stories….. What can you learn from your story? How are your Friends supporting or blocking you on your Path?



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