How to Productively Vent in your Journal

Do we all agree: Venting releases tension?

If you Google “Venting to release tension” you’ll find that there are techniques to do this efficiently and for better overall health. If venting is done in a way that does not affect you or another person negatively, it can actually help. 

I believe the one thing to remember when you need to vent is to keep the outcome positive.

Here are some examples of what to do (OK) and what not to do (X) to make sure the end result is positive and productive:

  • OK to vent and discuss with a friend
  • X to vent while yelling, screaming and hurting someone else
  • OK to vent to try and understand the situation
  • X to vent just for the sake of rehashing old stories and end up feeling worse
  • OK to vent to release tension
  • X to vent just to complain and get attention 

So where does Journal Writing fit in? Well, if you want to vent in your own bubble without hurting anyone else (or yourself), in a safe environment where you won’t be afraid of doing it just for attention, whithout having your mouth going on and on about the same thing over and over again, writing is ideal to encourage thinking before acting. Even if the words spurt out while venting on paper, you will notice that it quickly becomes a discussion on paper, a conversation with yourself. Journal Writing allows you to vent productively.

What I love about writing to vent is that I don’t need to share my thoughts with anyone before I’ve made sense of them myself. During this uncertain period, it would otherwise be easy to hurt someone (including myself) inadvertantly. Writing in your Journal to vent is also a good way of creating a conversation that allows you to shed more light on the situation, to take a step back to see what it’s all about.

While these are all great reasons to use your Journal to vent, I believe in one technique that will make the experience even more productive and positive.  It involves stopping, breathing and smiling.

How do I do this? I write and write, I complain, I ask questions, I try to answer them, I look for options, I decide on my next steps….and then I STOP! …. I take a deep breath… I give my mind a rest from the whirlwind of emotions… My next words are: “Thank you for giving me the tool to identify my problems, for the wisdom to deal with them, for the courage to express my emotions and for the patience to find happiness again. Thank you.” With the next deep breath, I smile deep inside. I feel my Focal Smile that settles me back down and grounds me.

How does this sound? Will you give it a try next time you need to vent?

Just don’t do what this guy does!!! (Enjoy!)


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