How I kept my Resolutions this year

and almost every year before that…

Every year, for the past, oh… maybe 10 years now if not more, I have made it a point to make New Year’s Resolutions. Yes of course I know I just wrote yesterday that I don’t believe in the hype of New Year’s Resolutions… I really don’t. I think I can technically make resolutions any time of year…

Yet something about the New Year brings me to review the past and dream about the future.

Something about changing the number on the year makes it more real about creating transformation in one or more aspects of my life.

So I don’t just decide about my Resolutions, I make them REAL. I create a Vision Board.

Some readers might view the activity as childish. Cutting out magazines or printing images off the Internet to paste on an over-sized board… sounds like something we would do in art class at school. Yet let me say that a lot of thought goes into creating a Vision Board.

Before I set out to find images or words to represent my goals for the coming year, I have to figure out what they are. I have to decide what elements in my life require changes that will bring more happiness to me. The idea that this exercise will translate into pasting images, immediately gets me to think in colour too. I visualize taking pride in doing things, I imagine going to certain places, I breathe in the emotions. All this then helps me find the right photos and headers for my board.

Last year, I had already started writing in TNHMe. The top of my Vision Board was plastered with the word Happiness. I had images of zen, completeness, love and strength on one half. The other part was covered with my goals such as writing, having fun offering webinars, workshops, videotaping, adding readership to my list, researching… I have the board posted on my wall right next to me as I sit at my computer. I am looking at it as I am typing… I keep reminding myself of my next steps and gaining confidence in wonder at how far I’ve come already.

So that’s how I kept my Resolutions this year (and every year before that). I visualized everything I wanted to transform in my life and I gave it a face on my Vision Board.

Child’s play? Maybe. Fun? Definitely. Powerful? I certainly believe so… I am living proof of it.



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2 Responses to “How I kept my Resolutions this year”

  1. Omayma says:

    / Hi Sam. I don’t generally beivele in New Year’s resolutions, for me it is just an excuse to get organised. Why wait for the New Year when you can do something positive and useful today?As an aside I did aspire to reach 1,000 followers and like yourself achieved it All the best to you and your exciting year ahead.

  2. Talin Orfali says:

    You are an inspiration to us all! Love you!

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