How each step opens a new door…

As I quickly review 2011, I am amazed at how many things have happened, so many steps were taken and so many unexpected turns brought me to where I am today.

Do you feel that way sometimes, when you seem to be going with the flow of your desired path?

Just this past week, I sensed an incredible movement forward, even though I kept getting frustrated with tasks not getting done as fast as expected. I soon realized that there was something else happening. I had to watch for the doors opening for me. I had to acknowledge them.

I am often very hard on myself, placing my expectations very high and getting frustrated when I face delays. My biggest challenge lately has been to learn to go with the flow. It isn’t as easy as it sounds! Imagine doing that when facing work challenges!! So here I am trying to complete my ToDo items as they relate to, website redesign, content reviews and such, not getting as much done as I want to each day, seeing the weeks fly by… the clock is ticking… I am getting seriously annoyed… Where is TheNewHappyYOU says my brother… Ya I know… I’m trying to go with the flow but it ain’t working!!!… and then things started changing. Discussions, articles, dreams, thoughts, all lead me towards a direction I was not expecting to take. A new door.

So all the steps I have been taking since last October (and way further than that, say since my 20′s) have been opening new doors, allowing me to take the following step each time. I have set my Goals and I march forward in a very methodical way. This usually works so well. Yet these last milestones from website creation to redesign (and the ToDo list delays I was dealing with) have now offered me another new door. Time to stop and redirect. Time to open this door and to follow this new path for me. So is this what going with the flow is? Maybe.

Let me inspire you by saying this my dear readers – We are all on a path. We are all presented with opportunities to learn and to grow each time we take a step. Sometimes things move very smoothly, and sometimes we stall. Watch for the doors of opportunity that will open each time you make a step. Even if they suggest a new direction, a slight detour or a level not expected, go with the flow and see where it leads. Eventually, that step will take you to yet another wonderful adventure!



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