How do I know I am asking the right questions?

You don’t, you just have to trust yourself!

Seriously… in your quest for answers and solutions to your challenges, you can start with an open ended question and see where that goes. You don’t need to know if that is the right question. It’s just a start.

Your answers will lead to more questions. That’s where things get more interesting… You will discover new things about yourself and your reactions to events. These discoveries will include hidden emotions, desires, fears and new objectives that can direct you towards where you need to be on your Path to Happiness.

So don’t be shy to open your Journal or discuss the topics at hand with a Coach or a very good friend. Ask questions, answer them as honestly as you can and see where it leads. Make it an on-going process where you don’t expect one answer to pop up immediately. Instead you will find comfort in a growing consciousness and understanding of yourself and your Journey.

Give yourself time and the permission to ask as many questions as you need to ask. There is no right question and nobody is counting!


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