Houston, we have a problem.

Occasionally, we face adversity. It is a normal part of life. It happens. It is never pleasant. Not meant to be. This is my take on conflict; how I view it, how I face it.

Negative situations are meant to move me, even shake me up.  They exist to create change, whether I like it or not. I may not realize it, but they open doors of opportunity. It is up to me to understand what has brought me there and what lesson will bring me to higher ground. It is up to me to make sure the situation doesn’t drain my energy.

Adversity can wear any mask. It can slap me in the face, stab me in the back or poison me slowly. Whatever the case, it helps me tremendously to view the conflict as an opportunity, a challenge rather than a struggle or failure.  No matter how it presents itself to me, I always have the choice to come out victorious. It is up to me to strive for my personal triumph.

Seeing adversity in this new light minimizes its negative affects on me and, with a ray of hope, brings me the energy I need to pass through the next steps.

In the face of any difficult situation, knowing that I have tools to support me in my efforts to recover is also an instant energizer. I am not alone. I have acquired valuable knowledge and skills, I have built solid relationships and will be able to use the resources I have accumulated over the years to help me through this. I take responsibility for my actions and I march forward with pride.

Even in error, I come out strong. I accept my wrong and correct it. Doing right, with dignity, increases my energy.  It is a positive outcome for all individuals involved. A lesson to be shared.

On the dark side, the energy of blame is like a sting.  It injects poison and swells the conflict into even more negativity than at its origin. Blinded by a veil of shame, regret and anger, a stand still is inevitable. No progress possible. Heaviness in the air and dark energy sucking away all that’s left.  Nowhere close to TheNewHappyMe path!

Houston, we have a problem! Houston, you there?? Hey, Houston!! Don’t you dare turn your back on me!! Avoidance. Denial. The easy way out? Maybe in the present but very costly for the future.  Sometimes conflict brings out dirt I don’t want to see, but I have to. In fact it serves to put it under the microscope. There are probably some things about me that I need to discover and accept, forgive and make better. It is the only way to finally find peace. And happiness.

I’ve been through my share of struggles in my life. If only I knew then what I know now… Break-ups, divorce, loss of job, financial instability, health issues and more… There have been tears, there have been prayers. I have become familiar with disappointment, frustration and anger. I have also always come out stronger, with a deeper understanding of who I am, where I am, how I got here, where I am going, how and why. I am fortunate enough today to be able to share my thoughts with you.

So what do I do now? This is my train of thought: no matter the outcome, I can always dig out a lesson. This makes me smile. It is incredible how the entire situation gets shifted in my mind with this trivial realization. It is no longer a struggle, but a challenge with a treasure to be found. Yes there may be some tears, I may feel anger, but I do not regret. I choose to look forward to a better and stronger me, TheNewHappyMe.


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