Honouring a Hard Working Team of Volunteers

Yesterday, I spent the day with a very dedicated group of people.

I dedicate this post to them.

I want to honour these special volunteers who have become my friends through the wonderful journey that culminated into the Games for Hope 9th annual event.

Through my job, I am very fortunate to meet and work with amazing individuals who decided, at some point, to make a commitment to work for a cause they hold dear to their heart.  I work with a lot of committees and I must say, the Games for Hope team impressed me from the very beginning. They learned to combine all that I have been writing about in the last five weeks, passion, commitment, integrity, discipline and hard work, for a worthy cause: the well-being of children challenged by illness.

They truly exemplify what I consider to be core values of life and business. I thank them all for their amazing work and their friendship.  Congratulations to the whole team! You guys are great! I am so proud of you!

Special hugs go out to Betty, Marco and especially Nick! God bless you!




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