Hidden deep beneath the layers

layers-of-paint.jpgNo, I’m not talking about myself covered in layers of wool in the winter! 

I’m talking about debilitating thoughts I am  unaware of, hidden deep beneath colorful layers of my subconscious, protected by emotions from my life experiences that prevent me from discovering the truth about myself. Whoa! Deep!

The only way to dig is by scratching the uncovered surfaces, one by one.

My very first experience with Journal Writing started when my acupuncturist recommended it to me. She figured I had A LOT of layers! She explained the process to me, just as I have explained here, through my last posts. At first I didn’t know what to write, so I wrote anything. Eventually, I started writing things that I didn’t expect of myself. I was uncovering the layers.

She explained to me that as I discovered something new about myself and I gave myself time to deal with it, digest it and accept it, I would become stronger. This new-found strength would then allow me to dig deeper to uncover the next layer, and so forth. It takes strength to continue to dig. Strength is acquired through personal development and writing is probably the best way to learn about yourself and grow.

The idea is to scratch one surface at a time. You cannot rush through this exercise. It is a difficult one. As layers are uncovered, the perfume of emotions rises to the surface, sometimes overpowering and sometimes as a passing hint of regret. 

Journal Writing helps to identify and understand the hidden stories of the past, to bring them to the surface for careful examination and proper treatment. This process is incredibly important on your journey with TheNewHappyMe. It is a long but worthwhile process. I am eager to do this exercise again just to see: what colours lay hidden deep beneath my layers?


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