Heating bill through the roof?

This header may have more meaning for my friends who know what -40 degrees feels like. Nevertheless, I think everyone gets the idea… Energy bill… High cost… You know where I’m going with this, don’t you? Check out the photo…

Here in Canada (as I am sure in many other northern countries where winters are brrrr cold), we are very aware of the costs of heating our homes. We spend in energy saving consultations, innovative products and renovations, with a mission to reduce annual heating costs.  We put every preventative measure in place to make the system as efficient as possible and eliminate waste!

Look at the photo for a moment. Smile at its stereotypical style but see how it depicts reality… In anger, does the system look efficient to you? Boiling and steaming… hardly what you would call a normal or healthy state of being! Where is all that energy going?  See how it is being wasted… Much like in anger, in frustrations and complaints, you will have a definite loss of energy too. In illness, energy is drained out of you and in unhealthy habits, there is a slow but constant leak. All these situations cause inefficiencies of the system with possible break-down.

So if we, just like heating systems, have the potential of overheating, wasting or losing energy, and even breaking-down, why do we not take care of ourselves properly? Why do we not take preventative measures to be more energy efficient? Why do we let situations deplete our energy without making the required modifications in our lives to fix the leaks? I have a maintenance plan for my home furnace, why do I not have one for me?

As silly as this may sound, how can I treat myself like I treat my heating system?

Think of  reading self-help articles and books (you’re doing great so far!!), discussing with friends or getting advice from a professional, writing in a journal, working on changing attitude or mindset. These are some maintenance and upgrade plans readily available to us!

Reducing high costs is just one of the ways to look at balancing my energy budget. Using a comparison with heating systems may have been a bit wacky but it was to demonstrate how we tend to outside systems but we don’t take care of ourselves. We make our heating system as efficient as possible, yet we let our own energy go to waste.

It’s time to consider ourselves as systems too, in need of proper care and maintenance for best health and efficiency.

I think the heating system made its point. Tomorrow’s article will be less wacky, more pragmatic!


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2 Responses to “Heating bill through the roof?”

  1. Peter Wright says:

    Carmen, I have to complement you on your personal energy budget for your blog.

    Your discipline and commitment to publish a post every day is a wonderful example which I am struggling to keep up with.

    Thank you

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Hey Peter! Thanks for the encouragement. It does indeed take discipline but I have to say, I’m eager to sit down and work at it every day because I wnjoy it so much. The motivation is definitely there! My suggestion is to schedule an hour a day, every day, no matter what. You get into the habit. When I know I will not be able to work on a post the following day, I schedule double time the day before. I budget my time this way! LOL

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