Happy Times for Happy Children

As a parent, a single mother and a career-oriented woman, I am faced with the difficult reality of struggling with my schedule to make sure I have time for my children.  Of course, this is and will remain a priority for me no matter what decisions I end up making for my life or my career path.

Routine time with the children nevertheless is not sufficient. Take my example: I wake them up in the morning, we get ready to leave for school/work, we come back home in the evening, we prepare supper, eat, clean-up do homework, wash-up, watch a bit of TV and go to bed.  This is our weekly routine. Given this, and the fact that I often have to answer calls or work on my laptop in the evening, I fully understand why my children complain about not being with me often enough. It isn’t so much the quantity or frequency as the quality of the time they get to spend with me.

Children need happy times with their parents to be happy. 
The benefits also extend to the parents’  level of happiness as a result.

As we all have a few days before starting our school/work routine again, and now that the Holiday craziness is somewhat over, I am looking forward to spending some happy times with the kids this week. Today we are starting with creating our Mandalas I wrote about yesterday.  I told the children about the plans for the day and they are ecstatic! Finally some time to enjoy fun, laughter and smiles with mommy!

Do you have some time to schedule happy times with your child(ren) this week?


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