Guilt-Free ME Time

Here’s another thing I learned on my walk in the woods. I didn’t really digest it then but yesterday, back on my deck for half an hour under the sun after a few hours of work on my “forced” week off, I saw myself writing this on my facebook post: One, two, three dogs lying on the deck. Guilt-free ME time. I think I am finally getting it.

I was reading a book I really wanted to finish before having to return it to the library. It was taking time to get through it although the story was amazing. I’ve had it for 9 weeks now, the┬álibrary’s maximum lending period. I’ve been so busy with everything else, I could never find the time to just sit down and read.

So when I finally got a bit of time on my deck alone, the dogs were lying down near me, I took out the novel. It felt like precious moments I was so lucky to finally have. I was getting through to the conclusion of the story and I wouldn’t have to rush before giving the book back today. I checked the time and I actually tried to stretch those moments as long as I could. I had to pick up my kids from school, but kept giving myself just a few more minutes, like a snooze button on an alarm clock.

So I finally felt what it was like to have Guilt-Free ME Time.

I wanted this time to do something I like, and I wanted to stretch it as long as I could because it felt good.

While on my walk in the woods, my friend said something I know well, but could never really integrate in my life. “ME time is in turn for ME to be able to take care of others” and this is so true! I need the rest so that I may be more efficient, more productive and healthier to be able to take care of everything and everyone that requires my attention.

I may need more “forced” weeks off, but I think this one served a purpose!! I’m learning.




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