Gratitude through your Vision Board

I had the great honour to be invited to join a conference call offered by The Gratitude Guru from  The call was live and Paul answered many very interesting questions.

I was very curious to hear what the questions would be and how Paul would answer them.  It was quite a treat to hear the wisdom of someone who has spent years studying the subject. I consider Gratitude to be a tremendously important part of finding happiness in our lives. Gratitude is what brings a feeling of contentment and an inner smile.

Gratitude is also a huge part of goal achievement, a subject Paul covered at length. Gratitude is therefore also a primary element of success in our Vision Board follow through. I believe there are three major reasons to be grateful while working on your resolutions and your Vision Board.

  1. Be grateful for what you already have
  2. Be grateful for the tools you are learning to use to achieve your goals
  3. Be grateful for the completion of all your goals, big or small

I use my Vision Board to visualize these and feel Gratitude deep within me.

Immediately, I feel my inner smile.

Instantly I am energized to do more,
       to work smarter and harder
            to reach all my goals, one by one.

Try to include Gratitude in your life. Visit for some extra support.
Thanks for a great conference call Paul!

One last quote mentioned by Paul during the call (I loved this one!):
 ”Happiness itself is a form of gratitude.”


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